Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow, 2 in a month....

Here I am being faithful to my blog...yay! Well, first of all we have been working on the house. We painted our den, put in some new light fixtures, got a piece of carpet bound that my aunt gave us and put up the chandelier in the baby's room. (That stubborn border is still there, Josh has determined that our greatest weapon against it is water and vinegar, so at least that is a step in the right direction!)  We also had the boys from our friend Chris's ministry, Memphis Youth Leadership come and clean up our yard.  These boys, anywhere from 4th grade on, work on Saturdays in people's yards to earn money.  As part of the requirements to be able to work they must atten church in their neighborhood the Sunday prior to the Saturday that they work.  It was so fun to watch them work and to know that they are being mentored by the men with them.  I love seeing Jesus work through people!!!    
It was so cold, we had to open the windows so the primer fumes wouldn't get us!

Also, Corina, the little girl I am friends with who goes to the Collegiate School, had homecoming week and borrowed our MTSU jersey.  I embarrassed her to death by making her get out in the carpool line and I took her picture...mortified. It was hilarious, I realized that everything my Mother did to mortify me was just so she could have documentation of memories...it all comes full circle.haha
Also, big news, Lala (Lalesha Jones) another one of the girls that I am friends with from when I worked at Streets, had her baby.  Her name is Latosha (La-tow-sha) Tucker, the baby's father's last name.  She was 5 lbs. and because of that had to be in the NICU for a week, but she's doing great and is eating well.  Hopefully she will go home tomorrow. 
Finally, Josh is about half-way through his first batch of homemade beer.  He siphoned the beer out of the bucket and into this big glass jar where it will sit for a week or two, I can't remember. He is going to save me a bottle from every batch he makes from now until the baby comes so that I can try it!
  Waiting for the first bubbles to make sure it's working. Addison was very patient!
Josh tried the halfway finished beer, just like beer but flat. Interesting...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Also, I forgot to put up pictures of our little boy! He's so teensey! He is about the weight of a large mango (1 lb) and about 11 inches long...cute!

T minus 4 months!

The other night I received a text from my mother as I was lying in bed (feeling the little kicks and wiggles that I usually feel when I lie down to go to sleep) that said, "Four months from tomorrow is the arrival of baby boy! YIPPEE!"  And then it hit me...we have 16 weeks until little Nemo gets here!  That's soon...
As I have been thinking about how soon the arrival of the little kicker is, I have really kicked into gear as far as getting ready for him. (Beginning with taking down the Christmas decorations!)  I have been searching and searching for a chandelier for his room.  Ever since I saw a chandelier in a baby's room in a picture a few years ago I have always wanted one.  So I have been checking craig's list and the pottery barn outlet regularly over the past few months searching for the right one.  So, the other day (because the PB outlet is so dangerously close to my work) I just did a routine sweep of the store ($3 pillow cases, $2 decorative plates, the usual) and as I meandered through the lighting section I spied a little cream colored arm on the top of a box, way up high (thank you God for making me so tall!) Lo and behold, it was a cream colored 5 arm chandelier with leaves and plants on it....exactly what I've been looking for!! Yay! Of course, no tag and about 1.5 hours later after approval from Josh that it is not "girly".  We put that cute little chandelier in our car! I have also picked out bedding that we are registered for at PotteryBarn.com. So cute. White with green scallops. The room will be a pale yellow and I am toying with the idea of painting some trees on the wall in the non-window corner. This is his cutest little outfit yet, my mom got it for him for Christmas, I can't wait to tie him into it!

Also, I have a decorating plan for my house that I am very excited about and am trying to finish before the baby gets here. It is mostly inspired by www.designspongeonline.com and their before and after tab. (On the left when you open the page.
No news on the name front, but we're working on it...sometimes.  You may all be getting a text with the name when he's born, we are that far from agreeing on or finding a name.
Also, we went on our second ski trip as leaders this Christmas break with our seniors from Independent Pres.  I did not ski, but it was awesome to see God's hand in the beautiful mountains, in my life and in the lives of the students.  

 Addison being cute and looking out the window on "her chair" which may be getting recovered to go in the baby's room! Poor thing, she's like the outcast little daughter with us taking her chair away.