Saturday, January 14, 2012

Elephants and Tigers, Oh My!

So, for the national championship we went to my Mom and Dad's house to eat dinner and watch the game.  Gardner wasn't sure who to cheer for since his parents are for opposite teams, so he played with the tiger and the elephant!
Then he took his first bubble bath in Snookie's jacuzzi tub! He was a little shocked at the jets at first, but ended up loving it! It was quite enjoyable to watch him having such a blast.

 The opposing brother-in-laws:


 Oh, Max, I'm not doing anything...don't mind me...pounce!!!!
 Wa hahahahaha!!!

Uncle "An-een"'s Party and a Glow Stick Bath

Allen had a party with his friends last weekend and we went over for dinner before.  It was a lot of fun for G to play in the garage while it was all lit up.  Allen did a great job in his first DJ role. :)

 Gardner really enjoys his glowstick baths! I played with my camera settings to get these pictures, but it didn't work out that well... working on it.

It's not so much the zoo, as it's the people we go with!

Rachel was home from Samford and she came over to hang out with us! Gardner had a lot of fun with her! 
 The Polar Bear was super active.  It was awesome!
 We ran into some friends near the Polar Bears too!
 Thanks for going to the zoo with us, Miss Rachel!

Potty? Maybe?

Gardner is showing interest in the potty. He tries to go, but can't quite make it! It doesn't help that he has so many clothes on in this frigid time of year.  But we are doing lots of undressing and dressing anyway!  Hopefully this will lead to a potty trained boy soon! (Well, maybe in the next year!)

Snookie and the Playground

 On another unseasonably warm day we spent the morning at the park with Snookie!

 What a beautiful, bright blue sky!!
 Loving swinging with Snookie!
The saucer swing was decently accepted this time.  He cracked a few smiles but the experience did end, as usual, with a few tears!

Just Playin' with my Friends

We have had lots of fun play dates lately with our friends Ezra and Cohen.  They are the sons of our friends from college.  So much fun that our kids get to grow up together! We love them!
 The mommas and the babies:
Meagan and Ezra
Kandis and Cohen
G and Me!
One time Nana dropped by!

Concert Violinist

One night last week our local public television station was airing a replay of the New Year's Eve concert in Vienna with the Symphony Orchestra.  So as we were watching, Gardner picked up his guitar and his glow stick from the bath and began playing it like a violin! It was hilarious.  He was so cute and excited about it! I think we may have a concert violinist in our future!

Happy New Year to my Little Angels!

We rang in the new year with some great old friends.  It was so much fun to have Emily and Joel and Jenn and Jeff at the same time! What a fun night!
 Mol is so beautiful!
Molly, Meagan, Emily, Jen and Me
We used the sun room again like we did on Christmas Eve.  It was a lot of fun to get to all sit around the table and laugh, laugh, laugh together!
 Meagan pouring her Arbor Mist...nice...
 Jen made this awesome chocolate sheet cake and delicious strawberry sauce.
We played fax machine and needless to say, it got really funny!!  This was a fun group to ring in the new year with and I can't wait to see everyone again soon!