Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Orange Beach 2011

In July we spent 5 days at the beach with the Coe and McBride families.  We had a really good time and enjoyed a relaxing week.  We stayed at The Wharf which is a neat little shopping and entertainment area on the Inter-Costal Waterway outside of Orange Beach.  The coolest thing about the place was that it had an area called the Oasis, a pool area with a lazy river and wave pool as well as a little kiddie area.  We had lots of fun introducing G to the water.  He loved it!!
 Cousin Taylor holding G in the water.
 Helping him remain standing!
First water slide to daddy!!
 Aunt Sal and Snookie.
 Leaving the Oasis.
 He didn't like the sand, but he was okay with the ocean.
 Playing with the sand toys with no sand.
 Not so sure about the sand. 
 Sleeping away after lunch and a long morning on the beach.
 "Yessss, we're getting away from that awful white stuff!!"
 He refused to touch the sand with his feet!  He balled up like a rolly-polly!
 The happy couple.
 Mommy and G.
 The little mermaid.
 So this is how you boogie board...
 Breakfast with the boats! Every few hours a barge would pass our harbor.  One was loaded with crushed cars.  It was pretty cool.
 The last day there were tons of nasty, dead fish washing up on the beach.  It smelled terrible, but we stuck it out!
 Trying the sand...finally, the last day.
 With my snookie!
 mommy and g
 Pop and G trying out the baby Crocs.
 At Cobalt, a yummy restaurant underneath the Perdido bridge.  It was fun to watch the boats exiting the inter-costal, it was a beautiful night!
 Snookie and Pop!

And of course, no Gulf Shores vacation would be complete without a stop at the Surf n' Style.  G thought about a new look!

We had a great time at the beach and look forward to taking Gardner when he enjoys the sand!  Thank you Snookie and Pop for taking us!! We love you!