Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gettin' Home-y and Crafty!

This is a little thank you bouquet I made for a sweet friend who kept G for me one afternoon! I just absolutely love a Ball jar!! They make the best vases, containers, and planters! 

This is what I decided to do for some of my pictures of Gardner that Meagan took.  I found the awesome frame at a thrift store for $2.98 and had the pictures printed for $2.99 each, so I have some "custom" framed photos of G for around $12!!  I wish that I had taken a picture of the frame before I deconstructed it.  It had the cutest pictures of three little kids.  It looked like it was from the 40's or 50's, very neat.  I won't lie, it made me sad that someone didn't want the pictures.  When I see old family photos at thrift stores, I get a little emotional because I think, "Those people are probably either dead or in a nursing home somewhere and have no family left because, obviously, no one wanted their precious family photos!" But, I still love finding a bargain on a great frame.

This next project is from the side of the road.  I saw these old cabinet doors with chicken wire on the faces on the side of the road in my neighborhood.  The only problem was that they were still attached to the cabinets! SO my trusty old husband, Josh, drove over there with his tools after work and snatched them up off the cabinets for me.  I have decided to re-purpose them as a photo/invitation/anything that I would like to clip up there board.  I cut fabric to fit behind the chicken wire and used tiny clothespins to attach the cards/pictures.

As you can see in this last picture I have a business card for my fun and fabulous friend Hillary Butler who does paint parties!! She is unbelievable at what she does and can turn anyone into an artist!!  You may remember me talking about her in this post from right before Gardner was born.  Anyway, I went to one of her so fun parties this past Saturday and really had a good time! It was called "En Plein Air" which means "in the open air" and yes, we did paint outside. 

This is the painting that we did! I am in the process of working on a frame to put it in.  It just so happens that it will look very nice with the colors in my den!  If you would like to host a paint party click here to go to Hillary's really cool website.  When you host you get to pick the painting, so fun! The options are on her website.  She prefers that you have at least 10 people, but if you know 10 people who like to have really cool art in their houses, I am sure you would have no trouble finding people!

This is one of my new favorite fall things: Pie Crust Shape Cutters! You can find them at the Williams Sonoma Outlet and I think you can even order them online.  Actually here's a link! Mine are a little different because I got them a little while ago, like maybe 2 years ago...

 And the final fun thing in my house for fall is this old pepsi crate that I found at a junk store out there on Summer, my favorite!  They are ACTUALLY selling these in the Pottery Barn catalog this year! How crazy, you can actually buy "found" objects.  I think that this sort of eliminates the excitement from "finding" the thing yourself, but I guess some people are not willing to brave the creepy, thin aisles of the wierd junk store across from the Mid-South Outlet on Summer.

Little Ezra's Bookish Baby Shower

This post is about a baby shower that I threw at my house with a few of my friends.  It turned out really cute and I can't wait to do another one!
The cute little owl cupcakes!

Some fellow hostesses getting ready for the partay!

Little tissue poofballs and our party favors, book plates and a glue stick!
though we were not in the dining room, I thought I would post a picture of my pretty much finished dining room!
 Meagan's sweet momma, Miriam.  All the way from the 'Boro!
 MTSU friends!
 The spread!!
 The three preggers, all due very soon!
 The momma and the momma-in-law with little Ezra and Meagan!
Meagan and the Hostesses

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our New Favorite Pastime

One of our new favorite pastimes is going to the zoo! We joined the zoo in September and have been really enjoying the fall with the animals. 
Here we are with Mary Randall.  She is Gardner's special friend, she absolutely loves him.  The other day her momma, Lisa, called me and told me that she woke up and immediately asked, "Mommy, can we go on a walk with baby Gardner (she pronounces it, Baby Gard-en-er, so cute)?"
We also went to the zoo with some special friends who came all the way from California, Arden and his momma, Lora!! We had such a fun time catching up and enjoying the sunshine!

August and September 2010

We realized very quickly that, when Gardner was ready to roll, he was really ready to roll.  We can put him down on the floor in the middle of the rug and within 5 minutes, he is stranded staring at all the dust bunnies under the couch!
Gardner is a huge fan of the Johnny-Jump-Up.  He loves being able to "walk"/"float" above the kitchen/den floor.  It is really cute! He almost fits!
 Gardner also loves his play mat.  He loves to grab at the toys and roll to the side until he gets wrapped around the little poles and freaks out!

Gardner is already really committed to community service.  Here he is at the Forrest Spence 5k volunteering.  He was signing up runners.
He is also a big help when I do laundry.  He rides in the basket to help keep the clothes from blowing out. 
This is an example of G's daily exercise.  While he is waiting for his rice cereal he kicks and flails until I come at him with the first bite, it's pretty hilarious!
This is at the hunt camp with daddy.  They were having a good time on the porch where daddy and Pop were putting together a very complicated grill.

This is probably the favorite of all the toys/play apparatus, the exersaucer!!! G can play for up to an hour and LOVES it.  This is usually where he spends his time when mommy takes a shower.
  "Oh, mommy! Your hair looks so funny all wrapped up in a towel!!"
Okay, no "he looks like a girl/why did you put him in a dress" comments.  I worked very hard on this daygown for little G and this is the last time he was going to wear it.  I guess he's just a little too old...sad...
G's favorite picture with his aunt Mol!
 "Oh, daddy, you're so boring! Snore..."
Another cute little snooze...
Corina at the Collegiate vs. St. Mary's volleyball game. 
Strengthening his back in the Bumbo!
Our friends Becca and Kellen brought their twins, Maddux and Avery, to visit for the MTSU vs. Memphis game.  We had lots of fun and the twins enjoyed acting like they were babies in all of G's baby things!
After we all had dinner at our house on Friday night we set out (after Meagan's baby shower-next post) to tailgate all afternoon.  Then Mame' and Grandpa came to pick G up while Mommy and Daddy went to the game. 
Gardner getting ready for the game in his new MT onesie from Aunt Kandis and Uncle Chris!