Monday, October 10, 2011

Check this out

My sweet friend Stephanie blogged about my little G and I just now saw it!! I really need to check people's blogs more often!
Stephanie's Blog Post about G Baby!

Fall Fun

 The fall started off with Corina's first day of HIGH school!! She protested vehemently against this picture, but since I have one from every other year, I told her it had to happen!  This year she has to wear a blazer every day and she looks sooo cute!!
 Then there was Derby Day at SMS.  Derby Day is basically a mud/icecream war between the high school students at SMS to welcome new kids and freshmen to the school.  As you can see from Josh's clothes and hair, the teachers are involved as well!
 This picture is from when Jen, Lucy, Graham and Jeff came to visit! The baby on the left is Lucy and the baby on the right is Cohen.  Didn't get a great picture of all of them, they just all move so fast!
 One of G's favorite pastimes is playing on the porch.  At the end of the day this is a lifesaver for me because when he is fussy we just go out on the porch and he runs/climbs around and enjoys passing sticks to Addison through the gate.  It is a great way to end long but fun days with a little toddler.
 This popsicle came from some fun friends around the corner, the Cockrums.  They have cocktail hour in their front yard every once in a while and their little boy Coleman and G love to run around together.  Coleman is so precious in the way that he loves on G.  He is always giving him things to play with and leading him around the yard to do fun things! We love y'all Cockrums!! (and our super-fun neighborhood!!)
 Another time killer around here is the new park at Shelby Farms.  It is amazing.  If you haven't been out there you should go, even if you don't have kids.  G's favorite "nest" is the slide nest.  He is super proud of himself when he climbs up the sides.
 I took this picture when I was going to drop Gardner off at the Suddoth's before I went on my girls trip to ATL. 
 We kept trying to self-take this picture and one person kept getting completely left out, so here are the 2 pictures we ended up with! haha

 Funny story...So this pizza looks innocent enough, but when we bit into it it had been rolled in powdered sugar instead of flour!! I will not name the responsible party, but I will share a few quotes from when she was rolling out the dough: "This rolling pin is starting to look like a glazed donut!?"  "This is so sticky!!" Me to her: "You can never put too much flour, maybe you just haven't put enough on the table."  "I just don't understand why this is so sticky!" hahaha  The pizza was still yummy (sweet and salty combo) but was more like dessert and dinner rolled into one!! In spite of the fact we had just eaten sugar pizza, we still saved room for Salted-Carmel Cupcakes for Mol's birthday treat and they were amazing. (Cupcake credits to none other than the baking queen herself, Emily Craft)
 Reunited and it feels so good!!!
 A much better self-taken picture before we left to go home. :(  We had so much fun catching up and reminiscing. We even went through all of EC's old scrapbooks which started with my freshman year of college through now! It was so neat to see how we have all been friends for so long and that we have stayed in touch! I will go ahead and credit EC for visiting so much after we all went our separate ways.  I love you all!!

Lunch with Snookie and Pop at New York Pizza.  The BEST tomato basil soup EVER.
 We have been spending a lot of time with our friends Stephanie and little Nola lately.  It has been so much fun playing with them and enjoying life together.  Stephanie and I are in a new mother's Bible study on Tuesday mornings together and are in a Grace group on Wednesday nights with our husbands and several other people.  Nola was baptized this past Sunday and it was so sweet to see the covenant God has with his people worked out during the ceremony.  (Even though I could only see the tops of their heads from the choir loft. If only i was an Alto, I would be able to see the baptisms!)
 This picture pretty much sums up my life right now.  I try to keep this wild man from getting hurt.  This week he has met with the pavement twice.  His poor little face was banged up but her is recovering nicely.  Hopefully it will be a while before he eats it again.
 One day a couple of weeks ago, Carolyn came over to hang out and craft with me.  We had such a good time working on our sunroom and making some fun things for it.
 Gardner is still enjoying playing the piano whenever he gets a chance.  He will play for a minute and then clap for himself. It's pretty cute!
 Here are G and Nola playing together.  G is mostly sweet with her, like in this picture, but she does get the occasional whack. (sorry Steph!)
 All I have to eat at Miss Steph's house is the bottom off of a lettuce!
 More Shelby Farms Fun with the Yelvertons!!

 G is not so sure about the saucer swing yet.  I think he feels out of control!

 G and MR next to the 1000 pound pumpkin at the agricenter!! What a sweet big sis MR is!
 They played in the hay together and had so much fun!!

 Every time we go to Target, G gets really excited about the big, red concrete balls in front of the store.  He loves hitting them and saying, "Bahhhl!!" 
 G and Snookie were matching at Bible study last week!
 Daddy and G built a blanket fort in G's room one night.  They had fun but Josh said he was just trying to pull it down the whole time!
 We accidentally left the blanket at Snookie's house when he spent the night over there a couple of weeks ago.  We didn't get it back for a few days, so when we did, he pulled it out of the bag and onto his lap and went right to sleep in his car seat.  It was precious!
 A balloon from Chick-Fil-A!
 Senior day at the Zoo.  Mom and I took G and Grandad to the zoo and Grandad renewed our membership for us! We were so excited.  Thanks, Grandad!!
 Trying to get a better look at the Giraffes.

 Cat Country!
 Pop came to meet us and G had fun riding his shoulders!
 In the grass at ECS.
 G and I went to the Pink Palace Crafts Fair with Emily Dug and her little Irene.  G had a great time with the petting Zoo and couldn't keep his hands off of this precious little, tiny pig!
 He fed some goats and calves.
 And climbed the donkey's fence.

 Then we went and ate lunch without washing our hands...mother of the year...good grief, what was I thinking...
 Friday night we spent some time with college friends we went to Gus's Fried Chicken on Mendenhall (UNbelievable chicken), Gibson's (Where Molly got a birthday donut!) and carved pumpkins at our house! it was really fun.  Sally and Nathan even stopped by!

 Meagan's drill-bit pumpkin!
 Aunt Sal and Uncle Nay came to visit this past weekend and we had a picnic at (yes, again) Shelby Farms.  Gardner experienced the web nest in the ropes for the first time and would not get on his hands to go under.  It was hilarious.  This kid has some texture issues.
 Thanks, Aunt Sal! You helped me swing!!

 Finally, we had a fun time last night taking a bath with glow sticks!! ( I know it's hard to see) We got them from the dollar section at Target and there are 15 in the package.  G loved it!!