Thursday, April 15, 2010

The last little room project!

Here is my last little room project.  I found these vintagey looking postcards at Davis-Kidd and just had to put them in his nursery.  It was going to be a bit pricey to have them all matted and framed like I wanted, but they look cute on picture wire with clothespins, too! 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here are a few pics from a very adorable shower that my dear friends Jen (who recently told me she's having her second baby in December!! I will be frequently checking her blog for ultrasound pictures!-hint) and Beth (Who is about to move into her first "own" house in Jackson, TN which is sooo much closer to Memphis-MTSU football carpool anyone?) in Murfreesboro threw for little Gardner.  It was so much fun and it was so nice to see all of our old friends! 
These are the precious little letters what now are proped up on the top shelf of the changing table in Gardner's nursery. Jen is so creative!

Memphis friends, notice any resemblance between this kitchen and a certain kitchen with red countertops? Yes, I shamelessly used the same green Jen used in her kitchen...

Little Anslie Soyster, she is a droolin machine! And there's Hel in the background!

Beth, Kristi and I. We had so much fun being together, thanks so much girls!

And last, but not least, here are Rachel and Pam (Who is due in October!!Whoohoo!).

Thanks Jen, for emailing me these pictures! I just needed to show off yalls adorable decorations.  I cannot believe that we didnt take a picture of the three of us though! (Beth, Jen and I)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Per Sally's Request (Plus It's Been Too Long)

 Here you go Sal pictures of Gardner's room!!:
The crib:

Of course he must have a literacy center! (Or a reading corner!)
View from the hall:
View from "Squished between the dresser and the window":
 Waiting on her little brother (Sometimes she sneaks in there in the middle of the night to sleep on the rug!):
His little bird hooks that Daddy hung up for him:
 I have one more cute little project that will be going above his little reading center...I hopefully will do it tonight!
On to life outside getting ready for Gardner (does that exist?):
Our azaleas are beginning to bloom and the weed-yard is getting mossy and green!

Here are some cute pictures for inspiration of really cute things to do at baby showers(I guess this is back to getting ready for Gardner!):
Yummy cookies at the Hornor's house from The Busy Bakery!
Precious little shirt napkins made by Vicki Halford, so adorable!
 The beautiful table

My sweet friends who REALLY pulled one over on me by throwing Josh and I a surprise baby shower modeled after one of our new favorite shows "Parenthood".  Note the christmas lights over the tables and deck in the backyard!

Adam, Kevin and Tyler said this is technically a Memphis Grizzly!
A beautiful table at the Dudas' house!
More Busy Bakery Cookies! (Josh was lovin the leftovers!)
The little hostess gifts that I put together. I thought they turned out pretty cute! I just love bird's foot ivy.
Some of the girls at the shower at the Dudas' house. (note the barge between Danielle and Molly, yes Gardner, I am talking about you)
Now a few pictures of regular life, apart from Gardner parties and room fixing:
This is my "Yay for Spring and Good Strawberries" Cake, I got lots of comments on the "Starfish" cake... they do look like starfish, I must admit!
I was sitting still in traffic and saw this beautiful rainbow! It's hard to take picture of a rainbow but if you can see, it was a whole one, it went from one end of the sky to the other.  Brilliant!
Corina has turned 13, is continuing to make honor roll and joined the soccer team! I am so proud of her!
We had a really fun church/community function at the Levitt Shell last Saturday night, an Easter Eve concert with Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken, it was so beautiful and the music and fellowship was great.  We even used out picnic basket that doubles as a cooler.  It was adorable.
This is the shower curtain that Tracey and I made out of a duvet cover from the Pottery Barn outlet (Our favorite!!).  We re-did Kristen's bathroom at Tracey and Jeff's house while Kristen was on the backpacking trip.  Tracey even had her first encounter with spray paint! She spray painted those frames on the left. They are a little brighter navy in person and are so cute and shiny!

And last, but certainly not least, here is a picture of cute little Latosha with her sweet Momma, Lala at church on Easter Sunday.  Her tiny Easter dress, tights and sweater were adorable!